Narciso Genovese

is another Nostradamus-like figure.

It is not his fault-he simply does

what the Martians ask of him.


I have made reference in early chapters about the problems we have because of our Martian neighbours who like to play around with us and study us as if we were an animal in a cage and how closely associated they are with the Vatican. It was alleged to me that if Earth people were left alone there would never be a war here. Earth people are lethargic and indifferent, not the type that likes a war.

It was alleged to me that the Second World War was instigated by the people of Mars in an endeavour to unify the many factions that now exist on Earth, to have one nation, one religion, and one head of government across the Earth, similar to all other planets in our solar system where there is only one government to a planet. If we recall the speeches of Hitler, this was precisely what he was aiming at. It was alleged to me that they simultaneously brought about the government of several people who had been living on Mars in their previous life. These people , through their past life experiences, developed similar points of view and an affinity to one another and a personal liking of one another. One of those was Hitler, another Mussolini, Franco in Spain, Peron in Argentina, and some in Japan and in Great Britain. As we all know, their plan never worked. The Swastika in itself is a Cosmic Symbol meaning the unification of the solar system.

It was also alleged to me that when everything collapsed around them, they decided to save the life of Hitler; after all, he was instigated by them to do what he did. Hitler allegedly died at the age of ninety-two in South America, a natural death from old age. The body found in the bunker was that of Hitler's double.

The prophecies of Nostradamus is another Martian-instigated plot. We are dealing with a very advanced technological society. They know how to send telepathic messages to someone and make anyone of us do what they want him or her to do. To this I am a witness, because they also did that to me at the beginning; now that I know this, it no longer works on me. They sent telepathic messages to Nostradamus, who sat in an attic room and wrote what they wanted him to write. Later with their technology they brought about the predictions which they themselves had made. Hitler was one of those.

Narciso Genovese is another Nostradamus-like figure. It is not his fault-he simply does what the Martians ask of him. He is the writer about whom I wrote in Chapter 2. He wrote a book, Slaughter for the Gods and Peace, which predicts World War 3 before there will be a kingdom of God on Earth. His books abound in misinformation. The things the Martians want us to know and what they don't want us to know is simply misconstrued. It is certainly not the fault of this great man; as I said earlier, he simply did what he was told to do. As for instance, according to the Martians there is no life on Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and most of the other planets. So why do they misinform us? Well, the people of Jupiter are a lot smarter than the Martians are, and it was alleged that they are jealous of them; and as to the people of the other planets, people on Earth will begin to ask a lot of questions, such as why they haven't come here before. Well, they did, and it caused interplanetary wars that were fought here on Earth. The last such interplanetary war was fought only a relatively short time ago and is recorded in our ancient scriptures. It was what the scriptures referred to as the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The scriptures say they were destroyed because the people who lived there were sinners. It is partly true. The people of Jupiter thought the only one worth saving was Lot, and that everyone else was worthless and should die. The interplanetary dispute first came about when the people of Mars decided to land here and take over this place. The Venusians, who are also our neighbours, did not take to this very kindly. They don't approve of the Martian philosophy and way of life. So they also came when the Martians landed. The people from Jupiter told both of them to get out and gave them time to leave. The people of Venus said, "If the Martians go we go." And when none left the people from Jupiter came and killed everyone that was here, Earth people included.

Before the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the people from Jupiter sent an emissary to warn Lot, and he was told to get out of the city and not to look back. His wife, however, was more inquisitive and looked back, and the scriptures have it that she was transformed into a pillar of salt. It was a subtle way to silence her as she had become a witness to an interplanetary war. The people from Mars also believe in killing, but are not as advanced as the people of Jupiter, and the people from Venus, who have a philosophy of turning the other cheek and being killed rather than to kill, lost a lot of people trying to help us. This may explain why the people from Venus, being good guys, are reluctant to approach us. Especially now that our governments had decided to go along with the Martians. The carnage at Sodom and Gomorrah was so bad that there were not enough new bodies at the time into which so many souls could be reincarnated. Because of this many of them not only lost their bodies but also their souls.

The people from Mars like to pretend that they are our saviours. In a Tijuana newspaper article, the writer Genovese wrote that Jesus of Nazareth was an emissary sent to us from Mars. Again this is the kind of information the Martians gave him. I believe that Jesus of Nazareth has lived on every planet in our solar system, and Mars was just one of many. No, Jesus was sent to us because the Federation of Planets, which is the governing body of this solar system, wanted to help us. The government of this solar system is on the planet Saturn, and I believe they are also the most evolved people in this solar system, with the Venusians a close second. If our solar system were a kind of school, then our little planet is the kindergarten, Mars is class one, Jupiter class two, and so on until Venus and Saturn are the two highest grades.

As was said earlier in this book, there is human life on every planet in our solar system , and the people who live on those planets look very much like us. Except that the majority of them are better looking than we are. Every race that exists on Earth also exists on our neighbouring planets. The man on the front cover of this book is a race like the pygmies we have in the Brazilian jungle. The extraterrestrial on the cover is also very old; even by extraterrestrial standards it was estimated that he might be a thousand years old.

It has been the aim of Martians to take over this planet since time immemorial. Except for Jupiter, they are not welcome to reincarnate into any other planet. They are too aggressive and not evolved enough for the other planets. So while our Earth is in a state of confusion, unaware of the mechanics of reincarnation, they reincarnate themselves for a life on Earth whenever they want to. It is therefore in their interest to keep us ignorant and confused for as long as they can. Many times when Martians come to us in their spaceships, they pretend to come from another solar system, the Pleiadis, planet Solo, and all kinds of other places. That is part of their game of deceit. They will pretend that there is no life in our own solar system. Yet, 85% of all the spaceships that are seen in our atmosphere are from our own solar system.

One thing to remember is that God does not kill, despite erroneous references found everywhere in our scriptures. Whenever an extraterrestrial entity commits a murder it is always in the pretense that they did it for God. But do not be afraid of extraterrestrials, because the vast majority of them are very good people, only trying to help us. A similar incident was the freeing of the Israelites from slavery. They opened the sea for the Jews to pass, and when the pursuers came after them they were drowned. The saving of the Israelites from slavery was in itself a very noble act. But the same could have been achieved without killing the pursuers. These people have such a huge repertoire of scientific material at their disposal, they could have erected an invisible force field between the Israelites and the pursuers that would have achieved the same without killing anyone. The last two incidents were brought about by the people from Jupiter, and as you can see they have a very advanced technology. The people from Mars and Jupiter are the only extraterrestrials in our solar system who believe in killing someone. The people from the other planets prefer to be killed rather than to kill. But remember that those incidents happened many thousands of years ago. The people of those two planets have since progressed enormously, and now they would have to be provoked before they would revert to killing again.

Our Space Brothers are trying to help us as much as they can, but the dilemma the space people have with us is even more complex because of laws regarding our planet that the federation, the governing body of his solar system, imposed on their own people. There must not be any direct interference on their part against our way of life. It can only be done with the full consent of our governments-"Thy will be done"-to give us a freedom of expression and to learn from our own mistakes. The Man from Venus came here for our advancement and evolution. When He first arrived He had no name. "Orthon" was the name that the Earth people gave Him. "Orthon" in Greek means "the Noble One."

We can tell at what stage of evolution a space brother is by whether or not he or she has a name, The people from Mars all have names; their writing of course is different than ours. (NO PICTURE YET) Their alphabet is reproduced on the top of page xxx, and on the bottom of the same page are some Martian words with their translation and phonetics.

Some of the Martian agents that come to Earth have names that sound phonetically like Tage and Thon, who are men; and Teel and SemJase, who are girls. As we can see, the people from Mars have names when they come here, whereas the people from Venus do not have names on their planet. You may wonder what the people from Venus do when they want to call one another. Well, being telepathic, they send a message out, picturing in their minds the person they want to contact. The other person receives that message and replies telepathically, and they find one another no matter where in the universe they are.

Orthon The Man, whom Adamski first met in the desert, lived in the Vista area of California on and off for about three years. (NO PICTURE YET) On page xx is a photo of the historic house in Vista in which Orthon lived and on the bottom of the same page a photo of the house showing a window on the side of that house; it was through that window that Orthon had to climb to get away from the FBI and the CIA which were tailing Him wherever He went. The previous time Christ came to Earth we crucified Him and this is what happened this time.

When Orthon first came to Earth He was 360 years old but looked like a man in his twenties. Three years later when He returned to His own planet He had aged by three years. The tension had taken its toll on Him and He aged like any Earth person did.

People may wonder what kind of person He was. I was never privileged to meet Him, but those who did say He is a most humble person with the most incredible powers. Once when Adamski needed help to move a big heavy table from a storage shed into a house, Orthon just happened to be there; Adamski said to Orthon, "I'll need about four or five people to move this table." He estimated that it could have weighed about 300 lbs. It was solid oak. Orthon told Adamski to go to the street and make sure no cars were coming. Adamski said that he saw Orthon put His hands on the top of the table and it began to float. He held His hand over the table all the way as He walked alongside it and it floated all the way from the storage shed into the house.

On another occasion Adamski had problems with the plumbing in a house near the foothills of Mount Palomar where he lived. The house was low on the ground and there was not enough space for Adamski to get under the house. Orthon volunteered to help since He is small, and He fixed the problem. I write this to illustrate the humility of such a great Man who was not too proud to go under a house to help somebody. On another occasion in the city of Vienna a man gave a lecture about space people and UFOs, and in the audience he saw Orthon whom he knew. After the lecture Orthon came to the man and told him not to return to his hotel as his life was in danger.

A man who knows Orthon well once had Him as a guest. After dinner he asked Orthon if he could arrange for him to have a visit to Venus. Orthon replied to the man that he could be wherever he wanted to be. He told the man to pick up the chair he was sitting on. They both took a chair to a corner of the family room they were in, when suddenly in front of them appeared scenes from the planet Venus, such as a street with people walking on it. The astounded man is sure to remember that incident for as long as he lives.

Orthon left after three years, and when He did He allowed the people from the house in Vista to make a film of His spacecraft as it left the Earth. I saw this movie. The spacecraft rose in front of the camera to only a few feet above the ground, then it flew in a circle returning again to the camera before it finally departed. In the beginning of that same movie was a short segment where a spacecraft the size of a fly kept jumping up and down in front of the windshield of the car in which Adamski was riding. The car was moving and Adamski asked the driver to stop the car. Adamski filmed the small saucer; then as it slowly began to leave, Adamski followed it with the film camera; and then as you look into the sky, in the background of the tiny saucer was another one, an exact replica of the first one but many miles in size. The message they wanted to give us is that these saucers can be built in all sizes. All this I have just described is on film and I have seen it.


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